Saturday, July 25, 2009

UFO Researcher : Clifford Stone
Clifford Stone is unique among those experiencing and
investigating UFO and ET phenomenon.
He spent 22 years in the US
Army as a part of an extremely elite and secret group that was
rapidly dispatched to crash sites in order to recover UFO or ET
craft, bodies, and artifacts. Since his retirement from the Army,
he has devoted his time to a diligent Freedom of Information Act
search of government archives. He maintains that we have knowledge
that intelligent life is visiting this planet in craft capable of
traveling distances of many light years very quickly; effectively
bypassing acceptably known physics. Further, he stresses that our
recovery of these ET craftand artifacts have allowed our government
to make staggering scientific gains of great potential benefit to
the world.

He maintains, as do many others, that this information

is held in deeply secret programs beyond Constitutional controls

and safeguards, and that despite the end of the cold war, those
controlling these 'black projects' have continued to keep these
important discoveries to themselves and for motives known only to
them. Sgt. Stone is coming forward with his story to encourage
citizens and our elected officials to open investigations and end
this Constitutional bypass by a powerful and covert organization
operating under our noses and in our skies. Clifford Stone was born
in Portsmouth, Ohio. At an early age, he has memories of being
contacted by ETs and that contact continues today. At age eight, he
was befriended by an Air Force captain and that relationship
continued through his early adult life. During the Viet Nam war, he
felt an obligation to enlist in the Air Force but was rejected due
to a skin affliction and classified 4F. He was advised by his
friend, the captain, to try the Army and after a 'lenient' medical
examination, he was allowed into the Army as a clerk typist, a job
he never had to fulfill. Within weeks, he found himself picked up
in a staff car on the pretense of seeing a low ranking friend with
a job at the Pentagon. On arrival, his friend's clearances allowed
them into levels beneath the Pentagon, onto a tram, and soon he
found himself thrust into a room and circumstances beyond
imagination. His career was never normal, and for a newly minted
soldier, he was suddenly thrust into the USA's deepest secrets: ETs
are real and we are successfully recovering many of their craft
intact as well as hundreds of ET artifacts worldwide. Further, we
are familiar with much of their technologies and have in fact, back
engineered some of the ET gear. After22 years of being on the scene
with ET craft and dead, wounded, and living ETs, Sgt. Stone is
highly qualified as an expert in ET tech, black ops
organizations/procedures, and the potentiality of ET contact to
mankind. Stone maintains that this secrecy is unconstitutional and
beyond control and knowledge of our elected officials. Thereby,
this represents a government hidden within our society with
tremendous assets, funding, and knowledge. This illegal government
is operating without oversight, control, and the consent of the
Executive, or Legislative branches. Further, he feels this secrecy
has split large parts of the citizenry into those that have seen
UFO or ET craft/beings and those that place these observers in a
category as something less than competent. Much of the malaise and
mistrust of government can be attributed to a remarkablemajority of
its citizenry seeing or believing in these objects while the
government and its officials and representatives deny or lack the
courage to disclose what is now obvious. Also, the considerable
scientific skills and assets of the world are for the most part,
diverted by this bias from working on projects generations ahead of
current understanding. This continues to allow important
discoveries and advances within the control of the few. Mr. Stone
is bravely, and with resistance from covert quarters, coming
forward with his story to do the following. He urges those in the
know to admit that UFOs seen by millions worldwide are both ET and
our own 'back engineered' ET-style craft. Release the abundant
information and materials that show intelligent life is visiting
our planet and has been monitored by numerous governments for
decades. Provide the information that will allow our Constitutional
government take back control of these deeplycompartmented programs
and restore confidence and trust in our system of government and
military organizations. And at last, urge our government to finally
entrust its citizens and the world with the truth about ET
existence and technologies. With this information we can begin to
formulate our place and relationship to other intelligent life in
the cosmos. Sgt. Stone is a person that can provide the
extraordinary evidence required for such extraordinary claims and
provoke others to demand that the inheritance of mankind be
reported to the all.